01/08/2018 Update

I'm taking part in the first Silk Road Mountain Race 2018.

The Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR) is a 1000 mile, unsupported race around the remote parts of Kyrgyzstan.
90% off road, hard pack, dirt, mud and single track. Very little in resupply and high mountain passes
... but the scenery, jaw dropping.

If you would like to follow the race see the resources below.

The official Tracking / Dot Watching site is here.

To follow the race - I'm dot #29
Silk Road Mountain Race CC

To see and hear from riders as they race
Instagram - #SRMRno1
Twitter - #SRMRno1

To join in the discussion and hear the punditry
SRMR Facebook Discussion Group

Official website -

Race starts 0800h UTC+6 (0300h UK time)
Saturday 18th August 2018
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Also -
Facebook - Lee Pearce Cyclist

The lovely people at Apidura have put together a bike packing calendar.

Apidura Calendar.

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Indian Pacific Wheel Race Facebook Group
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Trans Am Bike Race Trans Am Bike Race Official
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Trans Am Bike Race Dot Tracker
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Race Across America (RAAM)
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The TransAtlantic Way
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Facebook Group
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Transcontinental Race
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